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Our firm offers services that are tailored to the individual and business client needs. Being a relatively small firm, we offer clients a more personalized quality of service. We are also equipped to offer a virtual and paperless business environment, including:

  • Providing a client portal for electronic document sharing and storage
  • Tax returns and prepared documents uploaded directly to the client portal
  • Electronically sign federal and state e-file forms – no printing necessary!
  • E-filing of tax returns
  • Correspondence through e-mail, telephone, texting, etc.
  • Online payments – pay your invoice directly through an e-mailed link with an e-check or credit card


Contact us via e-mail [email protected] or schedule an meeting via Calendly here:

Tax Services


Tax Prep & Filing


  • Professional preparation of personal, LLC, partnership, S and C corporation, and trust returns.
  • Electronic Filing to all 50 states.
  • CPA prepared with feedback.


Planning & Advice


  • Professional tax consultation and year-round availability.
  • Projections of future tax periods and setup estimate payments.
  • Information on most current tax laws and changes.




Individual income tax returns are professionally prepared by a CPA in a timely manner. Attention to detail, accuracy, and utilizing all possible deductions to minimize your tax liability is what we provide with every return. We prepare tax returns for clients who report an array of activity, including:

  • W-2 wages and self-employment income
  • Investment income
  • Rental property & royalty income
  • Pass-through income
  • Retirement income
  • Property sales
  • 1031 exchange transactions
  • Section 199A deduction
  • … and much more!




Business tax returns are professionally prepared by an experienced CPA who specializes in small business tax services. Expertise in business entity tax return preparation including:

  • Partnerships
  • LLC’s – multi and single member
  • S Corporation
  • C Corporation
  • State tax returns for all applicable states, including multi-state filings

Business returns are generally prepared by professionals because of the complex nature of the reporting requirements. Tax returns should be prepared from a clean set of company books with good record keeping policies. The correct tax treatment of items such as partners basis and owners equity, distributions to owners, shareholder loans, and officer wages can be critical in a good tax plan. Going with a CPA to prepare your business returns can make the difference.




Trustees have an important responsibility and legal obligation to carry out their fiduciary duties on behalf of the trust in good faith. These duties include seeing that the trust is carrying out the directions of the trust document. The trustee also has a duty to keep accurate accounting records of the trust’s assets, income, and expenditures, and provide the accounting to beneficiaries. The trustee also has the responsibility to see that the trust timely files any income tax returns.

The selection of a knowledgeable CPA can help to provide valuable advisement in this area. We have experience dealing with trust issues and preparation of IRS Form 1041 for simple and complex trusts, and for small estates.  We are able to assist in the preparation of trust accounting reports in compliance with probate court requirements. Prepared reports are accurate and complete for the accounting period.




A good plan is essential to achieving your goals. We can discuss ways to customize a plan that works for your success. Income tax planning services include:

  • Projection of your future income tax liability based on your estimated annual income, adjustments, and deductions
  • Ability to provide tax projections for multiple income scenarios, multiple years, non-resident state taxes, and more
  • Calculation of quarterly federal and state estimated tax payments
    A detailed projection report provided to you
  • Consultation to review the projection report




Years of experience dealing with the IRS and other taxing authorities, we have reached a level of confidence that our clients are being properly represented before the various federal and state tax agencies.